Now Booking National and International Workshops!

Nancy now teaches private one on one classes out of her studio or online through Zoom. To book or discuss classes or workshops, email Nancy:

2021 Workshop Schedule

Workshops have been cancelled this year. Nancy is currently teaching Private classes out of her FL studio and also online through Zoom. For inquiries, please email Nancy:

2022 Workshop Schedule

Naples Art: 3 Day Workshop – February 7-9
Gaining Mastery in Pastels
585 Park Street – Naples, FL 34102

registration/info link:Naples Art Registration Info

Pastel Society of Tampa Bay: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, April 1-3, 2022
3 Day Pastel Workshop Taking Your Art to the Next Level
Dunedin Fine Art Center, Dunedin, FL
Contact: Sara DeLorenzo 727-298-3322

Supply List for Workshops

How to mount paper on foam core

Pastel plein air setup

To be notified about my workshops, send an email to

Buildings, Boats and Folks!

Broaden your art skills by adding interest to your paintings while enhancing the story you are telling!  Learn many tips and techniques to include boats, buildings and small figures to add life and interest to your paintings.     Workshop Details…

Taking your Painting to the Next Level

This workshop will cover in depth the foundations and techniques of pastel painting.  Workshop details…

Structures in the Landscape

Buildings and structures in the landscape add interest, variety, and help tell a story. Nancy shares how to compose, simplify, and seamlessly incorporate structures using underpainting techniques, abstract shapes, shadow and light patterns, texture, and perspective, to enhance your landscape paintings.  Workshop details…

Plein Air simplified

Learn many of the tips and techniques of composing and designing your painting on location.  Workshop details…

UnGreen-How to paint all that green!

Come the warm weather, the landscape in the southern states is filled with GREEN…green grass, green trees, green foliage, green bushes. The issue is how to paint all that green without having a green painting.

Workshop details…

27 thoughts on “Workshops and Classes

  1. I just sent you an email that I would like to join your class on the 28th. Please let me know what is my next step..


  2. Interested in knowing when your next workshop is scheduled.

  3. Inquiring on your Aug 29-30 workshop. Where is your home workshop, as I couldn’t find specifics on your website. Many thanks. Also, hope to see your demonstration in Mills River on Saturday.

  4. Hi. I’m interested in your Ungreen workshop. Barbara Jaenicke gave me your name when she moved. I’ve taken from Barbara and Karen Margullis. I’m always looking around for a class to take in pastels. I checked and this class is not listed yet at Roswell Art Alliance. Just keep me on your email list.

    Janet Deal

  5. I am very interested in taking a class from you. Please send me information on Taking Pastels to the Next Level in June and Plein Air Workshop in September. Thank you!

  6. Will you be teaching any fall workshops in the Atlanta area in the Fall of 2016.

  7. Just found your site and I’m anxious to see your classes for 2017. Hoping I can learn from you in person.

  8. Hi,
    I like your concept of painting as relationships. I wonder if you are conducting any workshops inthe Philadelphia area, or if you are planning to any time soon.
    TH k you!!!
    Karina suero

  9. Hi Nancy, I was wondering if you like specific
    Pastels , that You use ,during the demo
    Process . Would you suggest any for your up coming workshop in Ponte Vedra.
    Thanks Kim

  10. I am excited about your Workshop this month with First Coast. Please advise if you have room for a beginner who would like to start in Plein Air.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Many thanks……..Nancy

  11. Hello Nancy, I love your use of color. Do you have any workshops set up for 2019? I live in Oklahoma so would need to travel. Thank you!

  12. Hi, I was interested in your workshops, pastel and if you offer oil painting, but I can’t connect with your “click here” button above. Can you please contact me. I love your work, just found it through google. We just moved to Atlanta and I am trying to connect with some classes to further what I currently have. Thanks so much.

  13. Wow! Your work is stunning…I am inhaling your paintings.
    I am new to pastels and would love to be on your mailing list.
    thanks, Pratibha

  14. Would like to have info sent regarding workshops. Love your work!

  15. Thank you so much for the information on mounting paper I have tried without success. I’m excited to finally know how to do it correctly!

  16. Love your work,the magic of your pastel paintings. Would much like info on your workshops

    1. Thank you Mark! Workshop info is listed on this website under “workshops and classes” but please email me for specific questions.

  17. Chère Madame,Tout d’abord de superbes compliments pour vos peintures. Je demeure à MONTARGIS dans le loiret, ville de la prasline. Je pratique l’aquarelle
    depuiS de nombreuses années, ayant obtenu quelques récompenses, mais ma satisfaction n’est pas complète. En effet votre mode d’intervention en y ajoutant
    de la peinture à l’eau,ceci serait profitable. J’ai eu le bonheur de suivre des cours avec Jean-Claude BAUMIER Maître Pastelliste de France, cela m’a beaucoup
    plu et je désire continuer et ma question se pose sur l’utilisation de papier ? Quand est-il de cela?
    Il me serait agréable de connaître votre adresse de vous adresser quelques photos aux fins de connaître votre sentment ceci sans fioriturtes !
    A vous lire. Civilités respectueuses.
    Pierejean BLOT 8, rue Cormenin 45200 MONTARGIS LOIRET.

    1. Merci pour votre commentaire. J’utilise du papier sablé UArt pour les sous-peintures aquarelles de qualité 400. Ce papier ne réagit pas comme le papier aquarelle car vous ne pourrez pas très bien contrôler l’aquarelle dessus. Il a tendance à gonfler les couleurs. Je pastelle simplement les zones que je ne pouvais pas contrôler.
      Vous pouvez envoyer des photos de votre travail à mon adresse e-mail:

  18. Hello Nancy
    Do you do any online tutorials, I’m based in England uk
    Kind Regards

    1. I am in the process of writing and recording some tutorials. Please keep your eye out for them in the future on this website.

  19. Nancy, Your work is beautiful and you have gone so far from those calligraphy days.
    I am cleaning out art things and have some very nice pastel paper. Would you be interested in buying
    any ?

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