Soft Pastels  a mixture of hard and soft pastels, the more the better (Schmincke, Unison, Great American, Terry Ludwig, Rembrandt, NuPastel, etc.)

Sanded Paper: 9 x 12 or 11 x 14 or 12 x 16 of UART 400 ( 2-4 sheets). If you can’t get it from your local art supplier, please purchase online.

Dakota Art Pastels-     or
Cheap Joes Art Stuff:     or
Jerry’s Artarama:

We will be painting with an alcohol wash underpainting and some other types of sanded papers are not conducive for this particular workshop (for example: Sennelier La Carte paper). Also, we will need white or cream colored surface for this technique.

Backboard: piece of foam core

reference photos of landscapes:  have a few to choose from-  at least 5 x 7 – You may work from printed (paper) photos off your computer.   If you plan to work from images from your iPad or laptop, please also have a printout, as well.

  • small sketch pad
  • pencil – kneaded eraser
  • masking tape
  • small table to put pastels on
  • easel
  • rubbing alcohol (and separate jar)
  • a few stiff brushes for alcohol underpainting  – and watercolor brush (flat 1″) for watercolor underpainting
  • watercolor or gouache set (or at least a tube of red, yellow and blue)
  • Viva Paper towels
  • hand wipes
  • latex gloves (optional)