Sometimes, it just takes a little cropping to make it work. Driving through the hills of Tuscany, I snapped this photo from the passenger seat of our rental car.

I had done another similar scene in the painting, Tuscan Dream. Thought I’d try another one with different buildings.

First, a watercolor underpainting. Oh, how I love all those colors.

Tuscan Villas underpainting

Then the pastel overlay.

This is the first version. Ok, but not that happy with it. There is something bothering me about it. Not sure where to focus. Not loving the composition. I put it aside in my studio to sit for awhile until I figure out what to do with it.

Then drastic measure, crop and lighten the background trees and simplify the sky. Yes, much better. Now it has a more interesting composition with a good focal area. Just like an edited movie with some of the  cool scenes left on the cutting room floor, a painting has to be also edited for the greater effect.

Tuscan Villas
8.5 x 14

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