Master Circle Induction

IAPS 2015 166

being awarded my Master Circle medallion by Liz Haywood-Sullivan, IAPS president


The biggest thrill for me in my art career was receiving the Master Circle Medallion at IAPS this past week. To receive this honor, a certain amount of points have to be accumulated from being juried into the IAPS international art exhibitions as well as points earned for awards in those shows. What an incredible feeling to be amongst the rock stars of the pastel world! I am in awe to be included!

IAPS 2015 173

me with Donna Rossetti-Bailey, Jeanne Rosier Smith, and Marsha Hamby Savage

IAPS 2015 with MC pics (1)

The Chicago crowd with Master Circle inductees Mike Barret Kolasinski and Nancie King Mertz

IAPS 2015 with MC pics

me with Eminent Pastelist Terri Ford and Donna Biggee


What made this not only a great honor, but a helluva lot of fun was the camaraderie amongst the honorees. Creating art is pretty solitary. I’m down alone in my studio painting with just my music to keep me company. I also celebrate and do the happy dance with myself when I get into reputable shows and win awards. But, celebrating and  partying with the other honorees was such incredible fun! It was a team win and the joy and excitement was crazy great!

2 thoughts on “Master Circle Induction

  1. Congratulations, Nancy! Well deserved recognition for your inspiring work! Just finished re-reading your article in Pastel Journal which had a lot of thoughtful advice.
    Enjoy yours success.

  2. Congraulations Nancy! You deserve it, your work is beautiful!
    I celebrate your sucess!
    With love,

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