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I taught a one day pastel workshop out of my home studio. Starting the day with a complete overview of materials, design and composition, value lessons, and underpainting and finishing with a demo and class painting time.  It was a great day loaded with tons of information, inspiration,  and fun!

My reference photo was taken when the light was just perfectly cast along the side of this house. My husband questioned my choice saying, “You going to paint that ugly house?” It didn’t even occur to me that it was ugly for all I noticed was the light and shadows. I replied, “Yes, but it’s all about how you paint it!”

reference photo

reference photo

So, here is my demo progression.

After the class, I thought I’d try painting it in oil. Can’t decide which I like better.

My demo of The Yellow House begins – Armed with my value study, photo, and iPad, I start my drawing and layout, applying some pastel color for the underpainting.

Yellow House progression 8

Brushed down with alcohol to set the color….

Yellow House progression 1


Little Yellow House - Pastel demo


And now the oil version…. Can’t decide which I like better.


Little Yellow House - oil


3 thoughts on “The Little Yellow House

  1. I just love both of them! They each have there own unique quality. You are doing such beautiful work! You have become a real pro. So happy for your progress and success!

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