Every year Pastel Journal Magazine publishes the winners of the Top 100 Pastel Competition, and it is always such a thrill to have one of your paintings selected, recognized, and published. This year, my pastel, Winter’s Glow won an Honorable Mention (by judge Doug Dawson) in the landscape category (April ’15 issue).

This painting, done during Atlanta’s big snowstorm, is a scene from my backyard.

Here are the progression photos, painted on Kitty Wallis Belgium Mist sanded paper.



Winter's Glow progression 3

Starting my underpainting with some warm tones.

Winter's Glow progression 2

I am working from a printed reference photo, my notan or value study, and my iPad (not shown) just to my left.

Winter's Glow progression 1

Painted over everything with alcohol to set it. Lost much of the vibrant color but no worries, will add it back.

Winter's Glow progression 6

adding color, just a very light coat

Winter's Glow progression 5

establishing value range

Winter's Glow 12 x 16

Winter’s Glow 12 x 16


It was the background sky that originally drew me to the scene. My intention was to play that up and show the interplay of  the warmth of the sunlight against the coolness of the winter snow.  Intentionally, I’m keeping everything else fairly simple to draw your eyes through the scene using the creek and shadow patterns to lead your eye up to the lit sky.

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