It all started, around 5 years ago, when I decided to stop taking my pastel class. I realized that I came to the point when I needed to take everything I learned from my teachers and books, art magazines, and online sites, and take the big leap and go paint on my own. There was a time when I painted or drew only during art class but I had found myself much more inspired and had been painting out of my home office, at that time, for over a year.

It’s kind of daunting because you find yourself influenced by your former teachers and other respected artist’s work. You are also unsure if you are doing it right, struggling to find your own unique voice, and what you want to express and say as an artist. And if that isn’t enough, I wanted to “get good”, get to the next level of expertise.

I was asked to do a presentation for our Southeastern Pastel Society so I figured I’ll talk about my struggles and how I was working through finding my artistic voice.

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From the feed back of my presentation, I realized that many artists are dealing with these same struggles and that breaking strategies down into simple steps was very helpful and informative.

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To my delight, Pastel Journal Magazine, the premier magazine for pastel artists thought this would be very helpful to their readers, as well. I am beyond amazed to see my written article on 12 strategies to develop your artistic voice in their February ’15 issue!

Finding Your Voice

Finding Your Voice

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Voice – Pastel Journal Magazine article

  1. I enjoyed reading your informative article in The Pastel Journal. Your paintings are a challenge to me! I love working in pastel, and still have much to learn.

  2. Hi Nancy, Your article in the latest Pastel Journal gave me a lot to think about. The clarity of your thoughts on this topic will guide me and many other artists in their journey. By the way, I was entranced by your piece in the PSA show this past September. I’m grateful to have seen it in person!

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