Being stuck inside the house, after Atlanta was shut down because of  “Snowmageddon”, does have it’s perks. Nothing to do but paint down in the studio being one of them.

After the big snowfall, I grabbed my camera and took loads of photos of my backyard. It’s such a rare occasion to see a winter wonderland in these parts so you have to enjoy it while it lasts, usually only a day.

My backyard is a big natural area, tons of trees that go right up to our house, with a creek running through. We bought the house not caring about a big grass area for we have no kids and my husband does not like to mow. Perfect for us. Perfect to paint. First Snowfall -house

First Snowfall -house (2)I must say that I didn’t paint this picture plein air. I am such a weenie when it comes to freezing my butt off. But I do get to look at the scene right outside my window.

Here’s another view…

Forestview Creek  11 x 14

Forestview Creek 11 x 14


First Snowfall -reference photo

First Snowfall -reference photo