St. Ives Par 3 – 11 x 14

Long ago I have discovered that it is more important to do what you love and make that a priority. To find an activity, a passion, that provides pleasure, harmony, and inner joy deep in your soul is what life is truly about. It means that you are living on purpose for I believe your purpose in life is to know and express who you are.

I feel lucky in that I have 2 passions, art and golf. On a beautiful day, my big decision is whether to spend it out on the golf course with my golfing buddies or outside painting with my painting buddies. Both activities take place outdoors amongst the beautiful Georgia landscape and I get to spend time with great friends.

It took me awhile to come to this point in my life, where I am no longer looking outside of myself for something to make me happy. My happiness comes from within, the reverence I feel for life and with the people I surround myself.

The above painting is one of the par 3 holes at St. Ives Golf and Country Club, Duluth, GA. It was a donation for their Susan G. Komen For the Cure fundraiser.

Note: If you are looking to discover your passion, check out the book, “The Passion Test” by Janet and Chris Attwood. 


One thought on “My Passions

  1. Now I know why you are such a great spirit to be around. Beautiful work, Nancy.

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