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After keeping a journal for years, I should be good at this. However, I am completely intimidated to put my thoughts out there in blogger world. What to write? How to articulate just what to say in an interesting manner that someone would want to take the time to read it. No wonder I’ve put this off for so long. So on this auspicious date 12-21-12 (which I always regarded as a date of new beginnings rather than a date of doomsday ending) here it goes…

Pastels have always intrigued me since I first saw them in the works of Degas and Cassatt. It seems that the colors in the paintings sparkled, refracted like sunlight on fresh snow. I have painted in oils since I was 10 years old, but never explored the possibilities of the medium of pastels.

Thanks to Connie Reilley, Barbara Jaenicke, and Margaret Dyer whose pastel classes I took here in the Atlanta area, I’ve come to find my passion in painting with these rich sticks of pigment.

My goal was always to become a professional artist. This year, I’ve decided to work towards that dream. I’ve committed myself to take action every day to learn, explore, and create and see where that takes me. I’ve come to understand that creating is what keeps us excited about life, keeps the juices flowing. I am all about enjoying the journey, taking one step at a time and seeing where it leads. I just have to realize, that being an artist isn’t out of reach… I am already an artist.

The above painting I named “New Beginnings” to celebrate the launch of my new website and to celebrate the upcoming year.



6 thoughts on “My New Beginning- 1st Blog

  1. Nancy, your paintings are beautiful. Looking forward to reading your blog.


    1. Nancy, your paintings are so beautiful. I am looking forward to reading your blog.


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